What makes the picture?

The photographer makes the picture, of course. There is this joke weather you would ask a cook which oven he uses … Well, photography is a very emotional thing to do and the tool has a massive influence on the photographer. Back in the days when all the great photos of street photography had been made, most of them were made with a Leica. It has been the main camera in this field of photography, because there was not much reliable competition. Today it is a completely different thing. If you work with a Leica M today you should have good arguments … I love black&white photography and I really don’t like to edit photos on the computer. Not as excessive as some photographers do. I had a long way finding the right tools to satisfy my emotions when I make pictures. Coming from analog Canon to digital Canon, Sony, medium format Pentax and finally Leica. At the beginning of 2021 I bought a Leica M9P from a friend and from the first moment I knew that this was the camera I’ve been waiting for. After using it for some month I started looking for a Leica M9 Monochrom … What should I say? I found one in a perfect, like new condition which comes also with one year warranty for a good price (crazy price compared to a modern Camera, but very good for a Monochrome). Since then, I’am a very satisfied photographer. The image quality is outstanding. My movement has slowed down even more and I have become an even much better observer.