Is it true?

There is never one truth or one way. If you found yourself, you know what yours is … Trust and follow yourself …

My Portugal

My Portugal

On this map you find a lot of places I have been to in Portugal. Every entrance is a recommendation.

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I observed this scene while I was taking some architecture shots. The old man is not homeless, but obviously old and poor, and alone. He started chatting with the girl’s and you can see the different reactions – He was very kind and he asked them which of the buildings in the back they like best and why. A cold day in lock-down times.


Find the right angle

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right angle. I observed the area for a quite long time and than I felt that this is the perspective which represents the well best. I took this photo in Porto in December 2020.

Fortaleza do Guincho

This is a shot from my DJI Drone flying the Guincho Beach. It was too wet in Porto so we decided to move down south and we spend some nights at this beautiful place (Fortaleza do Guincho) over Christmas. Cascais is one of our favorite places in Portugal, you can’t be closer to the Atlantico and in the winter, there are very few people.

Reflexions II

Walking through Porto in December, I discovered this entrance with nice little tiles on the wall. When I got closer, I saw the wonderful reflexions and the light from the back.

Slow down …

Yesterday I had the most amazing workshop in Lisbon. It was about developing black&white film in the dark room. The workshop was held by Bruna Buniotto who did an incredible job! For me it was the first time since I don`t know when, that I used an analog camera and I imediately fell in love with the creative process. It is such a difference compared to the digital way, I really forgot how good it felt and how exiting it is to create the results. Unfortunately the film I had in the camera for like three days broke …! So… I had like 30 minutes to shoot a roll with 36 images … good challenge but of course I wanted to do the class with my own photos. It took place at the Prisma Estudio on Rua do Palma 268. Apart from the class itself I met some very nice and interesting people from all over the world.