Inspiring day

One of the most inspiring shootings I had in a long time. Having an idea as a people photographer is the first step, finding the right model to create the right photo is a challenge. Thank you for your trust! It was a pleasure!

Early morning light

I went to the industrial part of the harbor the other morning and it was quite cold but the light was so pure and clean.


Today I escaped from home, craving for fresh air, I walked through the area in Düsseldorf where I was born and grown up for 24 years. It hasn’t changed much, and not for the good.

Hair …

Some shootings are like magic. When everything went together incredibly well. Thank you for your time.

One of these mornings …

You know this frosty mornings when the air is very clear and the sun creates beautiful reflexions on the frozen surfaces.

Berlin 2020

Last year I spend some days in Berlin. I had great time, met some people and went to feel the last hours of Tegel.

Friendly goose

This is about the new option in Adobe Camera Raw – enhance. I took this shot with a 24MP camera and an old Leica 50mm R lens. First I made a massiv crop and than I did the enhance trick in ACR. I think it works great.


Hi, I believe that this is one of the best explanations about Moriyama Daido. I own a couple of his books and I also own the collected PROVOKE works. The way he made photos , we don’t do it in our western world. In Japan they call it WABISABI, no one cares about sharpness or perfect framing. The photos speak for themselves …


28mm …

I truly believe that it really doesn’t matter which camera you use, as long as it is a good picture, but in this case I want to highlight my Leica Q-P which did an incredible job here. I mean, if I would not own a 28mm fixed lens, I probably would not try to take close up’s with 28mm … Does it make sense? I had a great time working with this young lady who allows me to take so close shots.

Big city vibes

The 70ies were great times in case of everything, women, music, cars … can u feel it?

Is it true?

There is never one truth or one way. If you found yourself, you know what yours is … Trust and follow yourself …

My Portugal

My Portugal

On this map you find a lot of places I have been to in Portugal. Every entrance is a recommendation.

I’ll appreciate your feedback.



I observed this scene while I was taking some architecture shots. The old man is not homeless, but obviously old and poor, and alone. He started chatting with the girl’s and you can see the different reactions – He was very kind and he asked them which of the buildings in the back they like best and why. A cold day in lock-down times.


Find the right angle

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right angle. I observed the area for a quite long time and than I felt that this is the perspective which represents the well best. I took this photo in Porto in December 2020.

Fortaleza do Guincho

This is a shot from my DJI Drone flying the Guincho Beach. It was too wet in Porto so we decided to move down south and we spend some nights at this beautiful place (Fortaleza do Guincho) over Christmas. Cascais is one of our favorite places in Portugal, you can’t be closer to the Atlantico and in the winter, there are very few people.

Reflexions II

Walking through Porto in December, I discovered this entrance with nice little tiles on the wall. When I got closer, I saw the wonderful reflexions and the light from the back.