About me

This shot was taken in spring 2017 in Belgium at the north see coast.
It shows me with my best mate Monty 🙂
My name is Andreas, I was born in 67, I live in Germany and I´m addicted to photography. I take photos of everyone and everything – if you like it or not 😉

I use various tools to take pictures of the world around me. From medium format to smartphone- the best camera is the one you’ve got with you.
I love to print! I need to print! A photo is not ready until it is printed! I´m not a fan of „digital grave yards“ , so I print most of my photos at least on a small Canon Selphy .
Regarding photography, I´m a restless soul, always trying to get the perfect shot. I´m addicted to quality and I don´t do compromises, which means, if I can´t do it right, I don’t shoot it. I´m a self-taught photographer with many years experience and I also have a professional background in the colour industrie which helps a lot with printing. I don´t do much photo editing – Manufaktur Lichtbild means – manufactured by hand … when I take photos, they already exist in my head …

Apart from photography I love my chocolate Labrador Monty and The Grateful Dead. I also love cities at night and a sunny day in the countryside. My favourite country in Europe is England, I´m fascinated by South Africa and I think Marrakech is a place of magic. Please visit my travel blog at https://andreas-trnka.com/ .

My role model in art is Pablo Picasso and this is one my favourite quotes:

„There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thank to their art and their intelligence transform the yellow spot into the sun.“
Pablo Picasso