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I always look around. When I am outside or in my atelier, I always look around. I observe. I watch people, things or scenes. Sometimes I am happy to watch nothing.


Before I take the photo, I feel it. If it doesn´t feel good or I don´t feel it at all, I do not take the picture. Even out on the streets where you have no time, I need to feel it. Emotionless pictures make me sick.


When I press the trigger, the photo already exist in my head. Its just a phyical thing to capture the picture.


I always print my work. I use Hahnemühle fine art paper and original EPSON ULTRACHROME HD Ink only. I use the best camera and lenses, why should I do different when I print.


my name is Andreas, I was born in 1967 in Düsseldorf, Germany and I´m a self-taught photographer since 1999. I think, look and feel very fast. When I´m out on the streets with my camera, I never concentrate on one particular thing. I observe the flow around me and shoot whatever comes to my attention in that second.

When I work with models in my atelier, most of the pictures already exist in my head before the shooting starts. I´m very focused inside of me but very relaxed on the outside. I do not want to put pressure on my model or the people I work with. It took some time for me to understand how I am, but know I love to work with me. As a photographer, I am a bad team player.

I love to print my photos. For me, it’s a very essential thing to print out the work I´ve done. I don´t like digital graveyards.

Portraits and fine art nude photography is what I like best. Every face like every body is different and beautiful in its own way. I also love old cities, dark and dodgy places where you can feel the tension in the air. Cities where you can see and feel what life and time has done to these places in the past.

But generally, if you pay me, I will do a great work of whatever you want me to take a picture off …

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